Need Industrial Doors? 

When you're running a factory you need tough equipment that can withstand wear and tear.  You need a company that can solve problems quickly and will provide the quality durable products to do the job right and get you up and running in a timely manner.

At Madoc Door Systems we appreciate the importance of reliable equipment and good service.  That's why we come running

when you need repairs.  We also offer a 24/7 emergency service to keep your down time to a minimum.  

Dock Plates and High Speed Doors

High Speed doors are the safe, reliable , and efficient way to allow access through openings.


  • Safety Reversing Edge technology automatically reverses the door when encountering any obstacle in the closing cycle.
  • Photo-Eyes disable the closing cycle whenever an object is in the path of the door.
  • Fully adjustable motion sensors can be programmed to allow or restrict access to vehicle or human traffic or both.

  • Made from a weather and puncture resistant fabric with a woven polyester monofilament these doors can stand up to everyday
    use and the elements.
  • Designed knowing that accidents happen, these doors also have a breakaway bottom bar that allows for quick and easy

  • The fabric offers superb resiliency and flexibility at temperatures ranging from -15 to +90 degrees celcius.
  • The tight seal and minimal infiltration is ideal where heat loss or gain is a concern.
  • The capability of running at speeds of 100"/sec will increase productivity.

Loading Dock Systems
Our Hydraulic Dock Levellers are versatile and tough.  Designed to suit your loading dock needs.  A 4 inch tilt in the rear hinge
compensates for uneven truck beds while a constant pressure feature in the lift mechanism ensures safety and efficiency.

Platform lifts are generally used to accommodate trucks of all heights and are available in many different sizes and strengths.
Platform lifts can also be installed inside or out making them the ideal tool in improving your efficiency.

Contact us to arrange an appointment where we can work out the loading dock system that best accommodates your business