Looking at the homes, factories and businesses in and around Madoc many of the overhead

doors you see came from Madoc Door Systems.  There is a reason for that.  Madoc Door

Systems guarantees satisfaction on it's doors and service and provides quality products at

affordable prices.

Choose the Door That Enhances Your Home

When it's time for a new garage door for your home you have much to consider.  Not only will your

new overhead door protect you and your loved ones it enhances the beauty of your home and

                                                     reflects your tastes.  

Door Openers and Sensing Devices

A garage door opener gives you much needed convenience.  It keeps you out of the elements

and saves you time.  Traditional chain driven openers are durable, reliable and offer lasting

performance.  Belt driven openers minimize noise, delivering smooth running power and

reliable performance.  Belt driven openers are ideal for garages with adjacent rooms or living



Today's openers are equipped with safety eyes that disable the door from closing if something

blocks it's path and reverses the door to the up position.  This prevents injury to loved ones and

damage to the door, it's mechanisms or other objects.  The springs in a garage door are under

tremendous pressure and can cause serious injury and even death when mishandled.  Don't

mess around, leave it to the pros.    

Not For Kids

Many times children are injured playing with a garage door.  Crushed hands and fingers are a

common injury.  Never let children play with garage door equipment.  Install operating buttons

at five feet above floor level and keep the remote control out of their reach.  Inform your

children of the dangers of moving doors and to keep their hands and fingers safely away from

hinges, tracks, section joints, or other parts of the door whether or not you have an automatic